Software Development

     We are a software development team based in Brasov - Romania and our passion is business efficiency enhancement for our clients, via smart application of automation techniques. We’re all about helping you do what you do even better. If you need bespoke software developed, or a new web design, we can help. We work with you to design and develop a website or software solution that makes your organisation more effective. Our technology is designed to work for you, and we’ll be on hand to ensure you continue to get the best results.

     Our services are available in all execution phases of a project, from identification and modeling requirements, in drafting specifications, continuing with implementation of the project and deal with an intensive process of testing and subsequent maintenance.

     As specialists in bespoke software development, we understand how smart, efficient processes can transform a business. Working collaboratively with our customers, our highly experienced team of software developers build bespoke software that make businesses more efficient, is distinctly user friendly and is smart enough to grow with you. Whether you have complex and confidential data applications or more straightforward requirements, we can help.

ERP - CRM Software Development
  • bespoke software development:

Few things have the potential to transform the performance and productivity of your organisation as much as bespoke software does. By automating processes and systematising the management and sharing of critical information, bespoke software has the potential to improve efficiency and substantially reduce overheads.

  • web development:

A truly powerful website is a skillful blend of creative design and innovative development. Finding both these disciplines collaborating harmoniously together under one roof is rare. At GSD though, we’ve grown and nurtured a team of talented designers and genius technical developers who work closely with one another to create website/web applications solutions that are at the leading edge of our industry.

  • web design:

Nowhere is outstanding creative design more important than on your website, as visitors connect with you and begin their relationship with your brand. We will design a website that looks great and works hard for you too – a website that will attract, engage, and take visitors on a journey that culminates in the outcome you want.

  • secure and stress-free web hosting:

We provide web hosting you can rely on to keep your website up and running. Because online downtime can be catastrophic to your organisation, our systems are continuously checking and monitoring your site’s responsiveness, alerting us of cyber-attacks and intruders. In short, we give you peace of mind.

  • bespoke software solutions:

For the past 6 years, we have been helping businesses with their software development by providing a professional, jargon-free, commercially oriented service. Our ethos throughout has always been to provide a quality software solution, whether you are a growing business or an established organisation. We know through experience that every business is different and that every software application needs to be maintained and updated to meet the ever-growing expectations of its users.

What we do

We provide custom, tailored solutions which fit around the way you like to work and pull together all of existing legacy and data applications. We believe we have an innovative approach to solving complex business issues. We build all sorts of bespoke software – from SOP applications, Waste Management solutions, to dynamic websites, mobile applications and help integrate legacy business systems.
How we work

We know that bespoke software can solve the problems that no off-the-shelf package can. We build bespoke software specifically around your requirements in a way that it can be easily changed and adapted over time - using the latest technologies and our years of experience to deliver it in the most efficient way.

Responding to change is the key to our success. We know that no organisation remains unchanged over time in terms of their process and workflows. We develop bespoke custom and mobile software with the flexibility to change and grow with you – to and help you maximise your employee’s productivity.